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Upscaling A Cosmetic Formula

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Now that we have learned how to read and weigh out a cosmetic formula, it's time to learn how to upscale for bigger batches (We need a lot more than 100g of our cosmetic goodness!). We will use the formula provided yesterday to keep things simple.

WHEN MAKING A NEW FORMULA ALWAYS START WITH A 100G BATCH ( you would hate to make say a 500g batch and have accidently misread the steps or something else. It would be an expensive mistake wasting ingredients)

The formula read :

Body Oil

80% Sunflower Oil

10% Grapeseed Oil

5% Rice Bran Oil

2% Argan Oil

2.5% Almond Oil

0.5% Vitamin E

We learned yesterday (refer to the post) how to weigh this formula out to a 100g batch.

Let's upscale to a 1000g batch!

80g x 10 = 800 g

10g x 10 = 100 g

5g x 10 = 50 g

2g x 10 = 20 g

2.5g x 10 = 25 g

0.5g x 10 = 5 g

Totals : 1000g of Product!!!