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Anhydrous vs Emulsified Body Butters

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

I wrote about consumer perceptions a while back and it definately applies to the way body butters are perceived. Years ago long before I started formulating I suffered from dry skin! I was constantly using butters and oils to try to stay hydrated but it seemed nothing was working. Absolutely nothing. I would purchase shea butter at my local beauty supply and drench myself in a greasy mess trying to get that glow skin has when it is properly hydrated. I then thought "well butter must not be enough let me slather on some oil too.." I would ruin pillowcases, probably damaged some family members eye sight with the shine from all the oil and grease yet STILL had dry skin! Oh and lets not forget all the trips to the washroom from drinking an insane amount of water as I was told by so many that would help! When I started to study the skin in depth I learned that the skin NEEDS water in order to be hydrated. However drinking it wasn't enough, it had to be in my products too. The products that I deemed useless due to them not be thick and creamy (my mind always associated that with hydration) would actually help my skin more than what I was using. See, customers often think that an anhydrous body butter is a great purchase because in their mind its "all product" and not dilluted with water. I know I sure did! Now as a business owner anyhrous body butters are costly to make and impossible to guarantee during shipping (cold shipping or not). Its a constant battle of trying to make a product that won't melt in warmer climates. You will drive your brain insane trying, it is absolutely impossible to guarantee. The answer is simple, make an emulsified product. An emulsified body butter reaps all the benefits needed to both the consumer and the business owner! Emulsified body butters can be filled with wonderful oils, butters, extracts and other skin loving goodies. I promise your clients will thank you and you will avoid unnecessary stress on yourself in making the switch.

If you are new to formulating and have questions regarding emulsifed body butters and making them you can contact me directly via FB ( Kennece ShakiAvon) or We also have a live upcoming class that has everything you need to get started making a stable and effective emulsified body butter.

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