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Getting to know your lipids

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

When making anhydrous products it is important to learn as much as possible about the lipids that you plan to formulate with. The more you know about each lipid will drastically decrease the trial and error phases of formulation.

Below are a list of questions that I tend to ask myself when putting together an anhydrous product.

For Butters : Are they hard or soft buters? What is the butters melting point?

For Oils: How is the spreadability? How quickly does the oil absorb? Does the oil feel light or heavy on my skin? Does the oil have a greasy feel or residue? What is the color of the oil? Does the oil have an odor? How much does the oil cost? What is the afterfeel of the oil once absorbed?

I tend to make my own charts with answered to these specific questions so that I can always go back and take a look at my notes.

Tomorrow I will choose an oil to chart and share with you all :)

Happy Formulating!!!!

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