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Reading a Cosmetic Formula

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

When starting your journey into cosmetic formulation, it can be overwhelming, at times even a bit scary. We formulate in percentages to ensure that our products that our clients love stay consistent, safe and reliable. Now how do we read a formula written in percentages? Better yet how do we weigh out ingredients to match the percentages in our formulation. We ALWAYS weigh in grams (for my USA friends, its easy I promise!).

Body Oil Formula Reads:

80% Sunflower Oil

10% Grapeseed Oil

5% Rice Bran Oil

2% Argan Oil

2.5% Almond Oil

0.5% Vitamin E

Now lets weigh it out together!

80g Sunflower Oil

10g Grapeseed Oil

5g Rice Bran Oil

2g Argan Oil

2.5g Almond Oil

0.5g Vitamin E

Feel free to make this body oil and enjoy it! We will learn to upscale our batch together tomorrow!

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