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Consumer Perceptions

They way the customer perceives a product can play an important role in how we formulate a product. Customer perceptions are often far off from what we know as formulators to be true, however without customers we would have no one to make our wonderful products for. When a consumer reads a label they are all to often confused and overwhelmed. Not being able to understand what the ingredients are (as they are in INCI format) they often deem products unsafe or filled with "fillers" ( I read that one online and thought it was funny!)

Customers perceive products with thicker viscosity, more hydrating. If a face cream comes in a jar over a pump in a consumers eyes the product is "bettter". The same can be applied to deep conditioners and body butters.

VISCOSITY : How a product flows.

To sum it up formulators start thinking about the ingredients that are going to give your product not only all the benefits you want it to have but also what its final form will be, this will help you select the appropriate ingredients

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